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光模块100G/40G QSFP28/CFP2/QSFP  (13)
相干光模块PM-QPSK线路侧  (2)
光模块5G~32G SFP+  (24)
光模块0~5G SFP  (10)
光模块SFF/1x9/XFP  (16)
特种光模块LCC/POB/RJ/SNAP12/USOT  (2)
有源光缆AOC/高速电缆DAC  (7)
MPO/MTP光跳线  (23)
无源光器件  (13)
射频光端机  (81)
高清3G-SDI/HDMI光端机  (15)
窖池温度监测  (3)
曲房温湿度监测  (1)
环境监测  (11)
窖池测温杆/温湿度记录仪  (4)
100G/200G CFP2-DCO线路侧相干光模块
100G/200G CFP2-DCO is a dual-rate, single carrier, C-band coherent transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving up to 2x100 Gb/s of client payload on a single wavelength. Advanced coherent DSP technology, combined with a highly integrated, tunable optical subassembly, enables highly flexible coherent transmission in a compact, pluggable form.This CFP2 MSA-compliant module delivers an industry-leading solution for high-bandwidth, highperformance
line-side DWDM transmission for both telecom and data center applications....
Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai 5x7 Multi-rate/400G Single-channel Module is a 5”x7” high-performance coherent transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving up to 4x100 Gb/s of client payload. ...
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